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Hi. Welcome to APK Music Studios! I am KayD and welcome to one of the best music studios located in the Dubai, UAE.

About Me & APK Music Studios

My name is Prasad Kotum and i go with the nick name KayD for most of my friend circle. I am very passionate about music and love learning musical instruments.


Music production has developed as a passion over the years for me and i enjoy producing different genre of music experimenting with new sounds. I love writing songs, composing music and learning new instruments during my free time. I love jamming with like minded musicians and artists and experience the amazing talent around the world.

What I Do @ APK Music Studios

I partner with you to help you produce your original songs or covers! Have you ever thought of releasing your own music or album? If yes, then connect now! Cant wait to work on your taste of music!


Sound Recording

A cozy recording studio at home with all the essentials to get a perfect professional recording for you projects.

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Mixing & Mastering

All Mixing and Mastering software and essentials available to get the perfect mix!

Music Composition

If you only have lyrics and no music knowledge, then don’t worry we can compose music for your lyrics!

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Live instruments

We also have live instruments and midi instruments to add various instrument tracks to your project.

Featured Work

Worthy is Your name - Original Track - Prasad Kotum - Recorded at APK Music Studios

A gospel track released in 2021.

This gospel track was composed and released in July 2021. It was recorded at APK music studios with live instruments and midi instruments.

My Clients & Partners

All those who have a passion for music and want to get your first ever recording track done and published can sign up and connect with me!

“We both love music..... and that's one of the thing that connects us so well during our free time! Its always good to have somebody to play music with and importantly to be critical if you not sounding good!”
Prasad and Amor Kotum
Founders of APK Music Studios